Psychology Simplified On Achieving Level 1 Happiness From Simple Things

The achievement of Happiness is without doubt a multi-level pursuit with each of the five levels having its place in contributing to an overall state of happiness. However, even achieving simple things, or as I call it achieving Level 1 Happiness, it does most often require a change of mind-set. This is particularly so for the many people who wish they had time for this, but have convinced themselves that they don’t. This is despite these simple things not taking long and the fact they actually do come cheap – often even free! Here are some simple examples with a description of the mentality needed to gain full and happy advantage of them.

Take color: much of our time spent each day can seem to be grey. Yet look for color and you will find it comes free to all takers all over the place! Look up and take in the color of the sky in the morning, the color caused by the sun striking across the clouds. Maybe the bright moon has lingered beyond the night sky. So take in just a momentary glance, particularly if you are in a rush! By looking and finding the color in these sights, we can connect better with the Universe and our place in it. It can also free up our thoughts and feelings.

In fact, why not from now on always do a quick Universe Audit. If the moon can be seen again today, then take this thought on board – again it comes free: the moon moves such huge quantities of sea water in the tides. In SW England and NW France it can range nearly 50 feet between low and high tide. But isn’t much of our own physical make-up water? So won’t it pull on us and then let go, day by day? Of course it will. Then marvel at that for a moment.

Find a public park or garden to walk through while commuting and walking to work. It is so often possible to make only a slight detour through a Park or a public garden to achieve this.

‘But there is no time!’ You may say. Then, please, just for you, make time! If today you wish you had time but cannot find it, then plan for the five or ten minute diversion tomorrow.

Go a simple step further. Remind yourself of the Season. Check out which blooms are about to burst and which are going over. Pay respect to the birds you see trying to make a living, and see how some of them are seasonal visitors.

Communing even briefly with nature is a vital ingredient of Level 1 Happiness. And there is no cost!

As we leave the garden and re-enter the street, we are at once invaded by thoughts and fears of our struggle day to day. Then take heed of the plight of the odd trees and shrubs you see on the city walk. They cling to walls and ironwork, often appearing to defy botanical research by growing out of stone. Yet they still come into leaf – when it’s time. Even more miraculous they even blossom – when it’s time. Isn’t it time for you to do your version of the same?

And if when you head for the office thinking maybe of the frustrating variety of people there, (if only they were all like me!), remind yourself of this. The variety of the plants in the garden you have walked through, their flower color and shapes, the diversity of their leaves alone is infinite. So it is with us, and each of us is unique. We benefit – not suffer from the uniqueness found in each of us!

Buying a coffee ‘To Go? Then just sometimes buy a Danish and tell yourself you really deserve it as a treat. Warm your heart with the thought. Plan in your mind to make or have your favorite meal.

I see your hand is raised and your expression shouting that while you do wish all this could be done, you have too much on your mind to prepare for the day. And anyway, can these little things really make a difference?

Yes, I am telling you, they can help you achieve a level of Happiness.

You may ask, “Suppose then, I do it all day?”

Fine, just occasionally that is a great thing to do. But to do it exclusively and consistently at the expense of the other Four Levels of Happiness is a mistake. The type of happiness achieved is not whole. And you can eat far too many Danish!

So I close with this plea – Try it! Do any number of simple things. Or at least try your own version of it. Include it in your daily observation and interpretation of your surroundings. And then watch how your day goes!

Oh! And a second plea – keep doing a little daily in order to achieve a permanently happier condition from simple things. As you do, feel too, hown your sense of spirituality and thankfulness for these simple things feeds you.

We would like to thank Dr. Garcia for this contribution.

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